From Internet Evolution: “Medicine & Web 2.0 Go Well Together”

From Internet Evolution: “Medicine & Web 2.0 Go Well Together”

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In an interesting article on CMP Technology’s “Internet Evolution” Blog, Dr. Kim Solez makes fascinating connections between medicine and the aggregation of worldwide consensus through the use of Web 2.0 (and I’d venture, of course, Web 3.0). Dr. Solez says in the article:

We think of technology as enhancing diagnosis and treatment, the science part of medicine, but it also equally well can enhance the art of medicine, the humanistic, people side, and the doctor-patient relationship.

We who live in the worlds of Internet marketing and communications, and as designers/developers of of Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 platforms couldn’t agree more. This concept is very important to medicine and facilitates more personal dialogue about treatment. It also spills out to numerous other industries that are trying to make the story of their businesses and organizations more human.


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