Ifan Chang

Chief Technology Officer; Partner

Ifan Chang possesses more than a decade of experience as a managing technology consultant, application developer, infrastructure specialist and multimedia producer. In recent years, Mr. Chang has led a full-service consulting team to help Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield revise and centralize the way insurance premium quotes are generated and delivered to their customers through web based technologies.

Mr. Chang has architected and supervised teams of consultants in the maintenance of proprietary applications and reporting structures, and supported varied infrastructure and information security needs in IT management positions within Columbia University and New York University. Prior to his work with Mitra Creative, he also built four large-scale corporate, entertainment and education web sites with Karl Ufert (Mitra Creative’s President and Co-Founder).

Mr. Chang received a Master’s Degree in Information Systems from the NYU Stern School of Business, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University.