Marketing Automation

CallidusCloud® Marketing Automation (formerly LeadFormix™) is Marketing Automation, Made Brilliant.

CallidusCloud® Marketing Automation (formerly LeadFormix™), a highly proactive, cloud based, B2B Marketing Automation platform, tracks the online behavior of your potential customers to identify and create unmatched sales opportunities. Who is searching for you on Google? Who is opening your e-mails? Who has reached your landing page using social media outlets (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, G+, etc.)? Who comes back to browse for a second or third time, and what’s the best strategy to transform this initial interest into a sale? CallidusCloud Marketing Automation, your new hardest-working employee, measures it all and delivers real-time answers.

Tracks and Analyzes inbound and outbound marketing campaigns

  • Website visitors – Who is visiting your website, and how did they get there?  1) CallidusCloud Marketing Automation tracks your anonymous website visitors, in highly actionable detail: it provides company name and location, visitor intent (number of pages visited, length of visit, and number of visits), and—in many cases—can provide decision-maker contact info at the relevant company (provided a match exists in CallidusCloud Marketing Automation’s 35 M Netprospex database). 2) CallidusCloud Marketing Automation also lets you know how your visitors find you (e.g. search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social networking), so you can measure the efficacy of your inbound marketing campaigns.
  • Email campaigns – Who is clicking on your emails, and how much interest do they express? CallidusCloud Marketing Automation gives you 1) specific sales intelligence, and 2) a detailed assessment of how well your outbound marketing campaigns are working. It not only stores lists of your target recipients and notes your campaign’s time frame and budget–but lets you know who clicks on which links within your message, who requests further information, and how much time each email recipient spends on which pages of your site.
  • Form fills – Who is filling out requests for information, and where are they coming from?  CallidusCloud Marketing Automation 1) captures the data given by the site visitor when they fill out your form, 2) lets you know which marketing channel directed them to your form fill and, in many cases, 3) captures additional sales intelligence about your form-fill visitor. 4) Tracks that visitor for future visits
    Compiles and Delivers real-time, actionable sales intelligence
  • Daily reports – CallidusCloud Marketing Automation collates reports of prospective customer behavior through both inbound and outbound marketing channels, sorts leads according to interest level, and delivers them daily—and phone call-ready—to your inbox.
  • Scalable alerts – CallidusCloud Marketing Automation provides ability to customize reports and set alerts—so that when a prospective lead crosses a given threshold of interest, you can score, qualify, and prioritize accordingly—leading to shorter sales cycles and higher close rates.

Supports and Streamlines with user-friendly interfaces and A to Z marketing tools

  • Easy-access dashboard – CallidusCloud Marketing Automation qualifies and presents all leads coming in from your website, marketing campaign form fills, email campaigns, social media channels and even your offline leads in one single, easy-to-navigate dashboard.
  • High-performance SEO  – CallidusCloud Marketing Automation audits your website with page-by-page optimization scores; builds keyword lists; optimizes your web pages with meta tags, anchor text, hyperlinks, and backlinks; tracks keyword rankings by monitoring the visibility of keywords to search engines; maintains links within your website; and builds back links from other sites.
  • All-in-one email module – CallidusCloud Marketing Automation’s email module builds automated, customized campaign lists of website visitors, dynamic lists based on specific criteria, segmented lists, suppression lists and even uploads lists collected from offline sources; provides ready-to-go templates; and enables you to create, test, schedule, send and manage all your email campaigns from a single, user-friendly interface.
  • Quick and easy landing page creation – CallidusCloud Marketing Automation’s landing page tool enables you to create and deploy professional landing pages for all your campaigns, within minutes—including design, SEO and publishing without any web team support.
  • Full CRM integration—CallidusCloud Marketing Automation easily and fully integrates with CRM Solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, SugarCRM, and NetSuite.

Creates new leads that set you apart from competitors.

  • Unique access – CallidusCloud Marketing Automation provides unique access to new leads through integration with NetProspex Database, a professional database of 35M+ B2B Contacts; based on relevant titles you provide in your set up (such as CFO, Vice President etc.), this tool lets us identify and create leads which best match your target audience.

Volume (increased number of new leads) + Velocity (faster turnaround of leads) + Value (qualification and prioritization of leads, including direct links to decision makers) = maximized ROI

It’s a simple process to join; and CallidusCloud Marketing Automation and Nurture Marketing/Mitra Creative/Right Brain Lab provide complete support before, during and after your setup, and can provide content, campaign execution, and consulting services.