Karl Joseph Ufert

President and Co-Founder; Partner

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Karl Ufert is a marketing and business development strategist, writer, and multimedia producer with over two decades of experience in corporate and public sector settings.

Before co-founding Mitra Creative in 2005, Mr. Ufert was Vice President of Marketing and Sales for VFinity, a cutting-edge New York, Taipei, and Beijing-based video software company. While at VFinity, he launched the company’s first international marketing and branding platform, closed their first major U.S. enterprise software sale, identified and helped to recruit their Chief Technology Officer, and attracted private investors and Advisory Board members.

Previously, Mr. Ufert was Senior Marketing and Business Development Director for AMC Computer Corp., a leading New York technology solutions provider and systems integrator/VAR. He built AMC’s first comprehensive marketing program, produced major annual events for the company, directed a lead generation team to triple-digit increases in sales appointment volume for senior sales executives, managed relationships with the Channel Marketing arms of nearly 600 of AMC’s I.T. vendor partners and distributors (including Microsoft, IBM, H.P., Sun, EMC, Cisco, Oracle, Network Appliance, Ingram Micro, Arrow/MOCA, Synnex, and more), and served, in-tandem, as Director of the company’s first consulting Program Management office.

Earlier, he was a Principal Consultant – product development, marketing, and implementation – for Oracle Corporation’s worldwide Services Industries Group (Public Sector/Higher Education) and served for more than a dozen years in technology, administrative, and marketing positions at Columbia University, New York University, and the McGraw-Hill Companies.

Mr. Ufert completed his M.A. thesis in the English Department of the New York University Graduate School of Arts and Science and his Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing at the City College of New York, CUNY. He was also the Co-Founder and Principal of iluren.com.

Mr. Ufert is also a published author and lecturer on international cinema. His work and lecture panels have been featured at U.S. universities and in “Nuclear Monsters Transcending Borders,” published by Osaka University Press (Japan; in Japanese) in 2019-2020.