Jim Cecil Marketing Legend – MS Marketing Round Table

Jim Cecil Marketing Legend – MS Marketing Round Table

L to R: Eric S. Rabinowitz, Managing Partner, Nurture Marketing; Jim Cecil, Chairman, Nurture Marketing; Karl Joseph Ufert, President, Mitra Creative

A group of professionals in New York’s Microsoft office, and a national (and even global) broadcast audience, were treated to a special session of the Microsoft Marketing Round Table Group. The Round Table Group, founded and co-hosted by Eric Rabinowitz of Nurture Marketing, and co-hosted by me, Karl Joseph Ufert of Mitra Creative, had, as its April guest speaker, marketing legend, JIM CECIL. It was Jim who coined the now widely-used term, “Nurture Marketing,” and he co-founded the company with that name (previously the Nurture Institute).

Jim’s session topic, which is in his DNA, was “Receiving Top-of-Mind Awareness of the Decision-Maker,” a.k.a. gaining top executive mind share. He has lived a charmed professional life, including having moved his family to a small rural community near the University of Washington campus, directly across from a Redmond “dairy farm,” that ultimately became Microsoft’s main campus, and having met, worked with and served on advisory boards with countless CEOs of industry-leading companies throughout his storied career. We were dazzled by Jim’s words–spoken plainly, imbued with deep insight into gaining access to, and the confidence of, the highest rung of the professional “food chain” that many of us only dream of touching. The moral of his story: that few of us invest in farming–nurturing all aspects of a professional ecology; thus building long-term value to, and trusted relationships with, top executives.

I was honored to be in Jim’s presence. I look forward to continue learning from him.

Jim Cecil addresses the Round Table audience

The ever-charming Jim Cecil making us laugh!


  1. Fantastic discussion! Jim is a fountain of information – and I’m grateful to him for sharing his experiences with us. He delivered the information in such a way that really got the audience thinking – with a lot of emotional impact. With the shift in the marketing mindset, I do agree there is a wealth of opportunity for IT professionals to help their clients implement a robust CRM system that will help them with their nurturing marketing initiatives.

  2. What a way to wake up from a long thrilling visit to New York Thank you Karl for your insights and kind words on this post. What a treat to meet you and Howard and of working with Eric again and in person at last.
    Time was short but oh so sweet. Thanks to all.

  3. A true honor and pleasure, Jim. I personally, and all of us at Mitra Creative, are eager to continue our dialogue with you.

  4. Jim, you have been an inspiration to all of us for “Many” years. Glad to know you still have the fire.
    Sam & Carol

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