Derive Technologies New Website and Updated Branding: JANUARY 2016 – Repost from

Derive Technologies New Website and Updated Branding: JANUARY 2016 – Repost from

This entry is a repost from Derive Technologies’ website about the upcoming redesign and relaunch of the company’s website and a refresh of their branding by Mitra Creative


“All of us at Derive Technologies are excited to announce that in January 2016, we will launch a redesigned, responsive version of our corporate website and will update our branding. Here’s a sneak peak at our logo–same energetic design; new colors…


Produced by Mitra Creative, a New York-based digital agency with which we’ve collaborated for more than a decade, the new site will feature bright colors and an uncluttered design. According to John Wood, Derive’s VP of Marketing and Business Development, ‘we’re bringing things back to blue, reflecting both our history and future in the technology industry, and inviting the ‘secure, calm, honest, caring, trustworthy’ qualities associated with blue, according to an important 2015 article about brand trust in Entrepreneur Magazine.’ (*Sourced from a revealing infographic designed by Canadian company, Colourfast.)

John Wood continues: ‘Our new site will be clean, easy to navigate and mobile-friendly. It will showcase our current offerings with our long-time alliance partners and announce new partnerships and solutions, and compliment our other new, responsive site, Derive Healthcare, which Derive and Mitra Creative launched this year. will also be more social and more SEO-friendly than ever before.’

Check back with us in January for this exciting kick-off! Also, follow us on Social Media to stay up-to-date with all Derive news and information, news, events, and more from our partners and the IT business solutions industry”