Why Big Brands Hire Small Agencies – From HubSpot

Why Big Brands Hire Small Agencies – From HubSpot

A great post on the HubSpot Blog, by Jami Oetting, entitled,Why Big Brands Hire Small Agencies (Feb. 11), opens with the question: “What’s the one word larger brand executives want their companies to be known for but can rarely live up to?” The answer, according to Oetting? “Innovative.”

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The post goes on to say that, to achieve an innovative appearance and reputation, larger and niche brands, “are looking for outside partners specifically for a different perspective, processes, and approach.” Oetting quotes “Jim Cuene, president of GoKart Labs, a 50-person digital innovation consultancy.” According to Cuene in the post: “Some brands are working with smaller agencies just to get new thinking and new energy into the mix.”

The HubSpot post goes on to identify the following six reasons why they posit that large and other well-known niche brands are seeking out smaller agencies to tap into the essence of their overall impression, their messaging, their visual content, their digital presence, their social reach, and to effectively achieve fiscal goals for marketing, advertising, web and other design and PR efforts (cost and ROI):

  1. They need partners for smaller, project-based work.
  2. They want specialists.
  3. They want results — faster.
  4. They’re looking for deeper insights.
  5. They want a partner willing to take risks.
  6. They care about culture.



Mitra Creative, now in business for eleven years, has built its reputation on specialization. While we’ve worked in a variety of business verticals, we have very strong experience in several industries:

  1. Technology (especially, surrounding the IT Business Solution Partner/VAR Marketing Channel): Deep knowledge within Mitra Creative’s executive, creative and content development/business teams of the IT solutions channel and how to create and drive sales leads through highly-focused websites, collateral, PR, social media and SEO, plus marketing automation tools.
  2. Education: All of Mitra Creative’s leadership has worked directly as Higher Education administrators (in leading colleges and universities). Mitra brings a unique perspective to developing marketing and sales solutions, including websites, content, application strategies and more to education industry-focused projects.
  3. Media and Publishing: Mitra Creative has, throughout its 11 year history, provided direct and subcontracted solutions for the design and development of large-scale News and other Publishing websites, including building effective, custom, publishing workflow. This includes both online newspapers and magazines, and overall media portals. Mitra’s management team also has a passion for news and information sharing, as well as entertainment, and can cost-effectively build strong digital presence for large, medium-sized and smaller media outlets.

Mitra Creative has also provided services to the Healthcare industry (smaller/midsized practices, private practices), the Legal industry, and we are currently working on a series of Retail (both B2C and B2B/wholesale) projects that will soon be showcased on MitraCreative.com.

Please contact Mitra Creative for more information on how the company’s experience in specific industries — building responsive websites and microsites, video presentations, print materials, extensively writing and editing market-directed content, SEO, and social media marketing — can drive value for your business. You may use the form on Mitra’s contact page, or call (212) 243-5291, or (917) 921-4552.