Refer a Client to Mitra Creative – Up to 20% Referral Fees!

Refer a Client to Mitra Creative – Up to 20% Referral Fees!

NYC-based (National) digital agency, Mitra Creative, is doing exciting work for our clients. We have almost a decade-and-a-half of experience helping our clients to convert business with their marketing platforms. Now, we want to grow our client portfolio. We’re making a special offer through April 30, 2019, to Mitra Creative friends and family, to our business partners, and to other close associates who refer business to us.

Mitra Creative Referral Program

Your simple referral will equal referral fees on any business closed based on that referral. We’re offering, for this limited period (until 4/30) referral fees of up to 20%(*) for the entire life of the project (including ongoing annuity work).

This includes:

(*For all over $5,000 USD in initial project revenue. Referrals to prospective Mitra Creative clients for smaller projects will always receive a fee; percentages will be negotiable based on initiative revenue.)

Please contact Karl Ufert at (917) 921-4552, or by using the form on our Contact Page [CLICK ON THIS LINK OR THE BUTTON BELOW].

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