Karl Ufert – May 28 Webinar on Web 2.0 for Women Technology Leaders

Karl Ufert – May 28 Webinar on Web 2.0 for Women Technology Leaders

Karl Ufert Mitra Creative

On May 28, from 11am to 12:30pm EST, I will be giving a webinar for IAMCP Women in Leadership & Technology on the use of Web 2.0 and Social Media for IT Business. The webinar will be broadcast to a worldwide audience. Details appear below!

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Web 2.0 and Online Communities (Social Networking) for Women in  IT Business

Join us for our first Women in Leadership & Technology Webinar on May 28th, 11:00am – 12:30pm EST

with Karl Joseph Ufert, President/Co-Principal of Mitra Creative™

(http://www.BizTech.Mitracreative.com | http://www.Mitracreative.com | http://www.Mitracreative.com/Blog)




Web 2.0, including social networking (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook), social bookmarking, blogging, the use of content management system-based websites and much, much more, are the hottest topics the current communications and marketing landscape. But what does Web 2.0 really mean, how does it apply to your business and how can it be used appropriately and effectively?


“Business 2.0/3.0” are the next levels of interaction between you, your prospects and clients and your business partners. They provide new ways to interface and communicate with, and excite, audiences. It provides new tools for business outreach and methods to uplift sales, marketing, prospecting and branding efforts. 

This seminar will introduce Web 2.0, demonstrate the use of social networking sites, and help you to understand where all of this can, and should, fit into your current and future business strategies. It will also focus on specific areas of interest to Women in IT.  During the session, we will answer common questions and build awareness of how these concepts and tools can benefit you. Questions include:

  • What are the most popular social networking sites and which of  them can/should you use for business?
  • Is it appropriate/effective to use certain social networking  sites for business and to share personal information?
  • Can you directly monetize Web 2.0 and social networking?
  • Which specific sites/social communities are geared specifically toward women?
  • Which sites are popularly used by woman executives in the IT space? What advantages do online social networking and online communities offer to women executives?
  • What are Blogs and how can/should they be used by IT businesses?
  • How do Content Management System (CMS)-based websites relate to, and support, Web 2.0 and SEO efforts?
  • What is, and how can you enact, “Viral” marketing?
  • You thought “Web 2.0 is the future”? Get ready for Web 3.0!


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