From eMarketer: Will Digital Marketing Prove Profitable?

From eMarketer: Will Digital Marketing Prove Profitable?

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An eMarketer article published today is a telling study of the increased use of Digital Marketing techniques. According to the article, the “2009 Promo Interactive Marketing Survey” from PROMO magazine” exposes that: More than one-third of marketers surveyed believed that interactive marketing ROI would be more profitable than traditional marketing…”


Among the interesting statistics found in the article, among respondents to the PROMO survey, are a 25.3% increase in SEO marketing, 15.% increase in Corporate Blog marketing, 12.4% increase in Viral marketing, and 8.8% increase in Video marketing between 2007 and 2009. Questions still arise about measurability but this demonstrates a powerful shift in the methods used, and the focus on, Interactive, Web 2.0 and Video-based marketing in only two years. For example, while overall statstics in the survey remain high for the use of Email marketing (over 70%) — one of the focal points of many marketing campaigns over the past decade — the increase in use of Email marketing in two years is, says the survey respondents, only 1.8%.

The Web 2.0, social media/socal community, sharing/Widget/bookmarking, Digital Video marketing universe is, undoubtedly, here to stay!


  1. We’re seeing a big increase in video marketing here in Austin. Video is finally getting affordable and a SMB can actually measure it’s effectiveness. This is great news for all the video seo geeks out there.

  2. Digital Marketing is the future. Hands down !!! While traditional media will continue to thrive, companies have and will begin to swarm at the opportunity to market their brand in today’s digital space. Reach millions and track your success every step of the way, you can’t beat that.

    Digital is a state of mind. It’s a way of doing business. It’s an image and connection with your customers through digital media. It’s about being relevant, creating conversation, and measuring the entire process.

    Digital Marketing begins with the internet and extends throughout all media, including mobile device marketing, digital outdoor boards, online video, direct marketing and digital advertising.

    You need a digital agency with a firm grasp on how your company can grow through the use of digital technology and online marketing.

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